Summit Spiritual Center - Phone: 330.777.0250,
Services: Sunday Celebration at 10:30 am @ The Falls Masonic Temple 2307 Sackett Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Summit Spiritual Center

Come Celebrate Life with us!

every Sunday:

Celebration at 10:30 am

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Summit Spiritual Center Spiritual Services - Blessings
Allow for your spirit to blossom at Summit Spiritual Center

Count Your Blessings!

Reflect on your present blessings of which every man has many, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. ~ Charles Dickens

When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place. ~ C.S. Lewis


Allow for your spirit to blossom at Summit Spiritual Center

We shower our lives with blessings and they shower down upon us!

Blessing your life's physical surroundings will surround you with new healthy powerful clean energy.

Learn more about Blessings through Summit Spiritual Center Ceremonies

Summit Spiritual Center Blessings offer you the opportunity to learn the power of spiritual blessings for you.

Summit Spiritual Center Weddings Offers Blessings for your lifes' treasure:

Blessings for a house
Blessings for your car
Blessings for any room
Blessings for your family
Blessings for your work space
Blessings for your food
Blessings for your health
Blessings for your wealth
Blessings for your relationships
Your home, your car, your garden, your food, your place of being in this world, are all sacred.

A better understanding of blessing your space
What are the results of blessing your space
Blessing your food
Blessing the preparation of your food
How Blessings can change the energy around you

We will work with you, and create the most amazing Blessing ceremony for your unique individual needs.

For more information, contact our minister by phone: 330.777.0250

Join us at Summit Spiritual Center

"Our Prayers are fulfilled through rising to the challenge we are experiencing such that our faith is kindled from a spark of inchoate desire to a mighty flame of faith through our inner transformation and we become the answer we have been seeking" ~ Dana Allen

Learn powerful spiritual tools at Summit Spiritual Center
There is a power greater than us and we can learn how to use it at Summit Spiritual Center We teach Spiritual Evolution at Summit Spiritual Center
We believe in love at Summit Spiritual Center
Summit Spiritual Center is a circle of life and a circle of love Come sing with us at Summit Spiritual Center
I learned meditation at Summit Spiritual Center
We welcome all souls at Summit Spiritual Center Join our prayer circle at Summit Spiritual Center
Dreams come true through Summit Spiritual Center

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